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Dean Hovey

Dean Hovey is an award-winning mystery author. His books include three series: “Pine County Mysteries,” “Whistling Pines Cozy Mysteries,” and “Doug Fletcher Park Ranger Mysteries.” Hovey’s Family Trees won the 2018 Northeastern Minnesota Book Award for best fiction.

Recent & Notable Works



Pine County Mysteries Series

Fatal Business, Book 9 (BWL Publishing, 2022)

Deadly Mixture, Book 8 (BWL Publishing, 2021)

Killer Secrets, Book 7 (BWL Publishing, 2020)

Family Trees, Book 6 (CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2017)

The Deacon’s Demise, Book 5 (Self-published, 2015)

Undeveloped, Book 4 (Self-published, 2014)

Unforgettable, Book 3 (CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2010)

Hooker, Book 2 (J-Press Publishing, 2002)

Where Evil Hides, Book 1 (J-Press Publishing, 2000)

Whistling Pines Cozy Mysteries Series

Whistling Bake Off, Book 6 (BWL Publishing, 2022)

Whistling Pirates, Book 5 (BWL Publishing, 2021)

Whistling up a Ghost, Book 4 (BWL Publishing, 2020)

Whistling Wings, Book 3 (Moose Town Press, 2018)

Whistling Sousa, Book 2 (Self-published, 2013)

Whistling Pines, Book 1 (CreateSpace Independent Publishing 2012)

Doug Fletcher Park Ranger Series (BWL Publishing)

Grave Survey, Book 10 (2021)

Gator Bait, Book 9 (2021)

Burnt Evidence, Book 8 (2021)

Down River, Book 7 (2021)

Prairie Menace, Book 6 (2020)

Devil’s Fall, Book 5 (2020)

Death in Shifting Sands, Book 4 (2020)

Dead in the Water, Book 3 (2020)

Washed Away, Book 2 (2020)

Stolen Past, Book 1 (2020)

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