Mystery / Thriller

Mystery and/or Thriller writers from Minnesota.


Nate Granzow

Nate Granzow — outdoorsman, award-winning novelist, and editor — likes the smell of gunpowder, the taste of gin, and the feel of leather-bound books. He won the Clive Cussler Adventure Writer’s Competition in 2017 for his book The Phaistos Paragon, a 2019 Best Independent Book Award for Zimbabwe Hustle, and is currently ranked as a…


Neve Maslakovic

Neve Maslakovic writes mysteries set in the speculative realm. She is the author of four novels, including Regarding Ducks and Universes. Her life journey took her from Belgrade, Serbia to a Ph.D. at Stanford University’s STAR Lab to her dream job as a writer. She lives with her husband, son, and very energetic goldendoodle in…


Alisha Perkins

Alisha Perkins is mom to two girls, wife to Glen Perkins (3 time All-Star Minnesota Twins pitcher), and owner to dog Harry Potter. Her non-fiction book, Running Home, is her story of dealing with mental illness in a world full of insane stigma. In 2019, she released her first fiction novel, Martyred, a feminist thriller…


Dean Hovey

Dean Hovey is an award-winning mystery author with 11 books in print. His books include three series: Pine County mysteries, Whistling Pines cozy mysteries, and Doug Fletcher Park Ranger mysteries. Hovey’s Family Trees won the 2018 Northeastern Minnesota Book Award for best fiction.


Barbara Schlichting

Barbara Schlichting has been writing for as long as she can remember. She has nine books in print, including her latest title, The Broken Circle. “My grandpa gave me a pen and tablet when I was about ten, and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven,” says Schlicting. “My pen pal of 55 years…


Frank Weber

Frank Weber is a forensic psychologist who completes assessments in homicide and sexual assault cases. He has written murder mysteries and is the recipient of the MCA President’s Award for his forensic work. His work has ranged from assessing murderers chained to the cement floor in the basement of a prison and assessing psychopaths to…


Steven Hopstaken

Steven Hopstaken lives in St. Louis Park, Minnesota with his wife and co-author, Melissa Prusi. They are the authors of Stoker’s Wilde and Stoker’s Wilde West and are working on the third book in the series which will be out in early 2022.


Natalie Fowler

Once a practicing attorney, Natalie Fowler is an author, a freelance editor (for FATE Magazine), paranormal investigator (for Ghost Stories Ink) and a psychic medium. Fascinated by good ghost stories from a very young age, now she writes her own stories inspired by her work as a ghost hunter and psychic medium. An avid researcher…


Vincent Wyckoff

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Vincent Wyckoff dedicated a career to the U.S. Postal Service. His first book, Beware of Cat, celebrates the life stories of people on his route. For a short time he lived on the north shore of Lake Superior, from which he developed the background for Black Otter Bay followed by…


Clare Hexom

Clare Hexom is an American novelist and native of Ohio. She and her family have lived in Minnesota for many years and are proud to call this beautiful land home. She holds a B.A. in English and Creative Writing and Minor in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. The Truth About Mallory Bain…