Science Fiction

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Ursula Murray Husted

Ursula Murray Husted is a graphic novelist who received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and BFA from Marshall University. (Photo credit: Bryan Bornmueller)

C. M. Alongi Headshot

C.M. Alongi

C. M. Alongi is a fantasy/sci-fi author and content creator in the Twin Cities. She’s best known for her TikTok series CaFae Latte and has published the sci-fi novel Citadel and fantasy novella series Blackwing. She graduated from Hamline University in 2017 with a double bachelor’s in history and social justice. When she’s not reading…


Hudda Ibrahim

Hudda Ibrahim graduated from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University, majoring in Conflict Resolution and English Literature. She went on to earn a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution from the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana. Her books include From Somalia to Snow, What Color is My Hijab?, and Lula Wants…


Michael MacBride

Originally from Michigan, Michael MacBride now calls Minnesota home. He has delivered newspapers, worked for UPS, delivered pizzas, done collections at a bank, was a roadie for a country band, and was a grant-writer and funder-researcher for non-profits. He also taught English, Literature, and Humanities courses at universities and colleges in Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio,…


Neve Maslakovic

Neve Maslakovic writes mysteries set in the speculative realm. She is the author of four novels, including Regarding Ducks and Universes. Her life journey took her from Belgrade, Serbia to a Ph.D. at Stanford University’s STAR Lab to her dream job as a writer. She lives with her husband, son, and very energetic goldendoodle in…


Sharon Grosh

Sharon Grosh, a Minnesota native, has been moving on a learning path that includes teaching yoga, teaching mindful self-compassion meditation to girls in prison, mixed media art including indigo, Shibori, natural dye gardening, deconstructed printing, and eco-dyeing from her garden.


Joan Marie Verba

Joan Marie Verba is an author, publisher, and web developer. An experienced writer, she is the author of the nonfiction books Voyager: Exploring the Outer Planets and Boldly Writing, as well as fiction such as Twelve, Defying the Ghosts, Sword of Queens, and Wondry Dragon Finds a Home, among many other books and short stories.…


Steven Hopstaken

Steven Hopstaken lives in St. Louis Park, Minnesota with his wife and co-author, Melissa Prusi. They are the authors of Stoker’s Wilde, Stoker’s Wilde West, and Land of the Dead: A Stoker’s Wilde Novel. His first solo novel is A Man Among Ghosts, forthcoming in 2023 from Flame Tree Press/Simon and Schuster.


Kathryn Sullivan

Kathryn Sullivan writes young adult science fiction and fantasy. She started writing science fiction and fantasy not long after she had finished reading all of the books in her father’s reading collection. Stories about girl agents defeating alien bad guys and tales of wizards’ apprentices looking for forgotten treasure filled school notebooks alongside her regular…


Richard Thieme

Richard Thieme – author and speaker for 30 years – addresses challenges posed by technologies, how to redesign ourselves to meet them, and creativity in response to change. His speaking addresses “the human in the machine” and technology-related security and intelligence issues as they come home to our humanity. He has published hundreds of articles,…