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Janna Knittel

Janna Knittel is from the Pacific Northwest and has lived in Minnesota since 2004. Her book, Real Work, is a 2023 Minnesota Book Award finalist. Knittel’s work includes the chapbook Fish & Wild Life and poems in Blueline, Breakwater Review, Constellations, Cottonwood, North Dakota Quarterly, Pleiades, Whale Road Review, and…

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Maya Washington

Maya Washington is an award-winning multi-hyphenate artist: writer, poet, director, narrative and documentary filmmaker (writer/director/producer), actress, creative director, visualist (photography), and arts educator. Her award-winning film, Through the Banks of the Red Cedar, about her father, Vikings football legend Gene Washington, premiered on PBS in 2022. Her memoir, Through the…

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Will McGrath

Will McGrath is an award-winning writer and journalist based in Minneapolis. His debut, Everything Lost Is Found Again, is a joyous investigation into the southern African kingdom of Lesotho, where he lived for several years. That book won the Disquiet Open Borders Book Prize, as well as the Society of…

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Monica Liu, Professor of Justice & Society Studies, stands for a portrait outside on the St. Paul campus on August 16, 2022.

Monica Liu

Monica Liu received her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California – San Diego. She is currently Assistant Professor of Justice and Society Studies at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. Her work examines global internet dating and cross-border marriages between women from China and men from Western countries. Her research has been…


Marjorie Lin Kyriopoulos

Marjorie Lin Kyriopoulos is a mother, grandmother, teacher, writer, photographer, and manager. She has a bachelor of arts degree in English with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Utah and has taught high school English, reading, writing, and communications. She has lived in Minnesota since 1989. Kyriopoulos is also a freelance photographer whose…


Annette Gagliardi

Annette Gagliardi is a poet whose work has appeared in literary journals in Canada, England, and the US. Her first full-length poetry collection, titled A Short Supply of Viability, was published through The Poetry Box. Gagliardi notices the intricate details of lives lived around her. She notices the dimensions of nature, time, and the human…

James-L_headshot_2023 final

Laura James

Born and raised in Minnesota, Laura James worked at the Twin Cities Public Television Station, creating, writing, and editing projects, until she followed her desire to write children’s fiction. The Addison books marry entertainment with education, capturing children’s attention, while promoting language skills development. The Addison stories also fall into the educational genre, with both…


Simon Hargreaves

Simon Hargreaves has been telling stories his whole life: as a photographer, as a filmmaker, and as a novelist. He’s moved across the country as often as he has switched careers. Now he lives in northern Minnesota where, when he isn’t writing, he is running a family vacation resort, scuba diving, touring the country on…


Teresa Wilhelm Waldof

Teresa Waldof is the world’s leading expert on the Ames Project section of the Manhattan Project. Her book, Wilhelm’s Way: The Inspiring Story of the Iowa Chemist Who Saved the Manhattan Project, was winner of the 2023 Minnesota Book Award for General Nonfiction. An expert in building collaborative, high-performance teams, Waldof is a dynamic speaker…

Searle-N_headshot_2013 original

Newell Searle

Newell Searle grew up on a Minnesota farm and graduated from a vocational high school. After earning degrees in history from Macalester College and the University of Minnesota, he ditched an academic career to conduct public affairs for corporate, non-profit, and government agencies. His early writing focused on forest conservation. Later, he turned to fiction…

Siefert-M_headshot_2023 original

Mary Seifert

Mary Seifert loves a good mystery and can never leave a brain teaser or puzzle go unchallenged – she can get lost for days. As a former math teacher, she brings numbers and logic to the Katie and Maverick Cozy Mystery mayhem game. When Seifert is not writing or reading, she’s making memories with family…

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