Minnesota Writers Directory Criteria

Thank you for your interest in being listed in the Minnesota Writers Directory. Before applying, please read the Eligibility Criteria below to see if you are eligible for listing. If you have any questions, contact the directory administrator.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • You must live and work in Minnesota. If you live in Minnesota for part of the year, please outline your availability in your application. You will be accepted at the discretion of the Minnesota Center for the Book.
  • You must be willing to provide an email address for your profile. (This will not be listed on the website, but it will be used to create a unique contact form linked to your email address.)
  • You must be willing to have your location in Minnesota (county only) listed in the directory.
  • You must be a traditionally published writer with a minimum of one printed book (chapbooks can be included in bibliographies, but you must have at least one traditionally published book to qualify for a listing).

Your book must be:

  • Published in printed book form within the last 15 years, currently in print, and have a valid ISBN
  • Published by a commercial publisher (a house that publishes the works of many individuals) OR published by an academic press, historical society, educational institution, or cultural institution
  • Published to a reputable standard and widely available through libraries and bookstores in Minnesota
  • Printed books that are sold online only or through mail order only are not eligible. Print-on-demand titles are not eligible

Self-published books are eligible, BUT ONLY if the applicant meets at least two of the following additional requirements:

  • Have a minimum of five separate publications in a range of established literary magazines, journals, or anthologies
  • Have received or been a finalist for at least one major literary award (a statewide or national award), grant, or fellowship within the last five years
  • Have been reviewed in at least three recognized print or digital publications within the last five years (such as Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, Library Journal, New York Times Book Review). User-generated reviews do not apply.