Nonfiction writers from Minnesota.


Joan Marie Verba

Joan Marie Verba is an author, publisher, and web developer. An experienced writer, she is the author of the nonfiction books Voyager: Exploring the Outer Planets and Boldly Writing, as well as fiction such as Defying the Ghosts, Sword of Queens, and Wondry Dragon Finds a Home, among many other books and short stories. She…


Andy Sturdevant

Andy Sturdevant is a writer and artist whose work has appeared in a variety of publications, including MinnPost, City Pages, MAS Context, Apology, The Smudge, and Mpls. St.Paul. He is the founder of Birchwood Palace Industries, a publisher of artists books, zines, and other small-run printed novelties. He lives in Minneapolis.


Christopher Lehman

Christopher P. Lehman is a professor of Ethnic Studies at St. Cloud State University. He has been a visiting fellow at Harvard University’s Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research. His work has appeared in Minnesota History magazine and in periodicals for county-level historical societies throughout Minnesota. His book Slavery’s Reach: Southern Slaveholders…


Nancy Atkinson

Nancy Atkinson is a science journalist and author with a passion for telling the stories of people involved in space exploration and astronomy. She writes for Universe Today and The Planetary Society. Her latest book about the Apollo Program, Eight Years to the Moon: The History of the Apollo Missions, shares the untold stories of…


Deborah Appleman

Deborah Appleman is the Hollis L. Caswell Professor of Educational Studies at Carleton College. She taught high school English for nine years before receiving her doctorate from the University of Minnesota. She was also a visiting professor at Syracuse University and at the University of California, Berkeley. Appleman’s books include Critical Encounters in Secondary English:…

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Denis Hauptly

Denis Hauptly is the author of five books including Something Really New: Three Simple Steps to Creating Truly Innovative Products. His books have been awarded an America Library Association Notable Book nomination among other awards. He is the recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Writing on the Constitution. A native of New Jersey,…

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William O. Beeman

William O. Beeman is author or editor of more than 100 scholarly articles, 500 opinion pieces, and 14 books, including Language, Status and Power in Iran and The “Great Satan” vs. the “Mad Mullahs”: How the United States and Iran Demonize Each Other. He has also written extensively on music and performance traditions in Western…


Kristin Eggerling

Kristin Eggerling enjoys writing and editing books, articles, grants, and newsletters. She loves telling the story of places and people, the editing process, and helping others communicate in a clear, concise, and creative way. She is the author of a children’s book about wilderness advocate and writer Sigurd Olson and is passionate about preserving wild…


Lindsey McDivitt

Lindsey McDivitt writes fiction and non-fiction for children including Nature’s Friend: The Gwen Frostic Story, Truth and Honor: The President Ford Story, and A Plan for the People: Nelson Mandela’s Hope for His Nation. McDivitt is passionate about tackling ageism in books for children. She began writing children’s books after many years in health education…


Jasmine Stringer

Jasmine Stringer was living her life on autopilot, without vision or purpose, until she was given an unexpected gift. She was laid off! As she said goodbye to her “corporate gig,” she seized her life and got it “JAZZ’ed UP!” She found ways to connect with herself and others through DIY projects, style, entertaining, and…