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Nancy Holland

Former philosophy professor Nancy Holland recently began to live her dream as a full-time writer. After publishing two well received short contemporary romances with HarperCollins UK, she is thrilled to return to her first love and write fantasy novels as well as contemporary romance for Tule Publishing. Holland may create characters who live in a world of witches and warriors or a world as real as the street outside your window, but despite often dark pasts, her heroes and heroines refuse to give up on themselves and learn to trust each other. After years spent studying and writing about words written long ago and far away, Holland loves to travel with her husband to places where she can share the experience behind the great philosophical works of the last few centuries.

Recent & Notable Works

Holland_cover_2019 witch king
Holland_Book Cover_2019
Holland_Book Cover_2018
Holland_cover_2016 original


The Witch King, Book 3 of The Witch King Trilogy (Tule Publishing, 2019)

Felyn’s Curse, Book 2 of The Witch King Trilogy (Tule Publishing, 2019)

Thalgor’s Witch, Book 1 of The Witch King Trilogy (Tule Publishing, 2018)

Found: One Secret Baby (HarperCollins UK, 2016)

Owed: One Wedding Night (HarperCollins UK, 2015)

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