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Bukola Oriola

Bukola Oriola is an international public and motivational speaker, bestselling author, mentor, advocate, entrepreneur, consultant, and member of the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking – appointed by President Barack Obama in December 2015, and reappointed by President Trump in 2018. Oriola is an award-winning journalist and a survivor of labor trafficking and domestic violence.

Depicting her experiences in two memoirs, she has dedicated her life to helping others by sharing her story and offering practical solutions to service providers and community members on how to help victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Her work has reached millions around the world. Oriola is the founder of The Enitan Story, a Minnesota based nonprofit organization with a mission to advocate for victims and empower survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence.

She is the CEO of Bukola Oriola Group, LLC, formerly known as Bukola Braiding & Beauty Supply, LLC. She is an entrepreneur who uses her skills to help others become entrepreneurs through book publishing and small business startups.

Recent & Notable Works



I Declare: Gratitude (Bukola Oriola Group, LLC, 2019)

I Declare: Beauty & Wellness Affirmations (Bukola Oriola Group, LLC, 2017)

Make Your Book A Bestseller: The step-by-step guide I followed to become a #1 Amazon bestseller in multiple countries (Bukola Oriola Group, LLC, 2017)

Quit Your Day Job!: Five steps to turn your passion to money using blogging and social media (Bukola Oriola Broup, LLC, 2017)

A Living Label: An Inspirational Memoir & Guide (Bukola Oriola Group, LLC, 2017)

Bringing the Story Back Home: Implementing Change with Human Trafficking Awareness (Bukola Oriola Group, LLC, 2017)

The Natural Hair Softness Headaches: 6 items in your kitchen or drug store you will find helpful (Bukola Oriola Group, LLC, 2015)

Imprisoned: The Travails of a Trafficked Victim (Bukola Oriola Group, LLC, 2009)

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