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Cathy Wurzer

Cathy Wurzer is one of Minnesota’s most recognizable broadcast journalists who has spent her career behind a microphone and in front of television cameras with time carved out to write books and produce documentaries. A multiple Emmy Award winning journalist, Wurzer is the co-host of “Almanac” on Twin Cities Public Television. On weekdays, she is the host of Minnesota Public Radio’s Morning Edition. Wurzer’s most recent book, We Know How This Ends: Living Well While Dying, was co-written with Dr. Bruce Kramer, an educator and musician who recognized that living a meaningful life with ALS meant embracing his imminent death. Wurzer’s work with Dr. Kramer sparked a statewide effort dedicated to living and dying well called “End in Mind.”

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We Know How This Ends: Living while Dying (University of Minnesota Press, 2015)

Tales of the Road: Highway 61 (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2011)

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