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Bridget Hoolihan

Bridget Hoolihan is a full-time English teacher in Minnesota and writes young adult fiction on the side. She focuses on dystopian literature that appeals to reluctant readers. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with degrees in English and English Education.
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Sue Leaf

Sue Leaf, a Minnesota native, was trained as a zoologist and taught environmental science. She writes on natural history and environmental topics from her home on the shores of Pioneer Lake. An avid hiker, paddler, cross-country skier, and bird watcher, Leaf believes that being attuned to nature is good for the soul.
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Rachel L. Coyne

Rachel Coyne, a novelist and poet, is a graduate of the Perpich Center for Arts in Minnesota and Macalester College. She is a devotee of Pablo Neruda, a lover of Don Williams songs, and collects vintage editions of Jane Eyre. Her published works include the novels The Patron Saint of Lost Comfort Lake and Whiskey…
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